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One of the most exciting parts of my work is discovering new unconventional Art that has no fear to experiment, to destroy boundaries and merge freely with other intellectual and spiritual spheres. This is why I consider myself extremely lucky to have run into Henrik Isaksson Garnell‘s profile. The art of this Swedish artist is based on the original idea of giving life to inanimate objects through scientific photographs. As a result, ordinary subjects are placed within a surreal and complex narrative and take on an abstract form.

“I have never liked the positive color-scale. I do like the inverted one. Almost every photographer talks about the magic when they see their first photograph appearing in the darkroom on a pice of paper. My fascination is of the color negative. Filters of colors change how we perceive the world around us. I think the largest example being the sunset, everything changes for a brief moment. Or perhaps on a smaller scale behind some tinted sunglasses. Try whatever is closest to you… Right now I’m working with the concept to harness the color of the surroundings, on seemingly white, neutral and/or colorless objects, surfaces ect.  Or using the vacuum of black & white. Recording, enhancing / destortnig reality”.

– Henrik Isaksson Garnell

In this post, I am thrilled to share the newest series by Henrik, the freshest material of the artist’s amazing “work in progress”.


The title of the series comes from the term in quantum mechanics.  Collapse is a black box for a thermodynamically irreversible interaction with a classical environment. The other is the continuous evolution via the Schrödinger equation.

 Multi-exposure technique on 3D models from computer games has been applied for this series.

“This project started because my baby girl loves chandeliers and I was working on the Simularcrum series and when I thought of multi dimensional collapse I saw this. Moments of a threedimetional model collapsing onto or into itself or others like in a moebius strip motion. Probably not what it would look like but like a diagram of it…”

– Henrik Isaksson Garnell

As the artist tells us, his photography involves the “exploration of deterioration”, and he has taken to “recording, enhancing or distorting reality” through his work. A visionary with a keen eye for detail, a penchant for rich textures and hues and a particular attraction to photographic exposure, Henrik enjoys the element of surprise that lies in the act of taking a photo: to him, there is a sort of enigmatic energy contained within “that brief moment, when you think you have control [but] when the result exceeds your expectations.

Garnell’s work is a constant study of the unseen, a persistent process of going into the infinite deepness of every little detail of the world around us… the world that keeps interacting with our bodies and minds in thousands of subtle and hidden ways, every single second of our existence. It’s a mesmerising mixture of creativity and science, inspiration and technology.

COLLAPSE is not only a series of artistic works but also a serious and detailed research worth of exploring and studying calmly and with attention.

I am proud to represent Henrik Isaksson Garnel internationally through Controforma Art & Design Space curated project.

Please go to https://www.controforma.it to see other amazing works by Henrik and discover more of his art on https://isakssongarnell.com/

“There is a strong Surrealist and Dadaist inspiration, which remains present throughout most of my works…But, regardless of my subjective opinions, the audiences will be able to read many different things from these pictures.”

– Henrik Isaksson Garnell

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