Sjur Roald: the Delicate Light of Beauty.

Collaborating with Sjur Roald is always a special pleasure for me since I admire his original artistic style and his calm nordic professionalism.

Sjur is well known for his ballet photography and I will be sharing some examples of it in the nearest future. Yet today I would like to start with a special treat for all photography lovers: a selection of some exquisite artistic nudes by Sjur Roald…

Just several of my absolute favourites chosen among a great amount of amazingly delicate black & whites.

Let’s start:

— Sjur, your photographs are minimalistic and clean, yet so delicate and soft at the same time. Your models are often professional dancers, and you capture those who are used to expressing themselves through movement.

In your opinion, what is the main secret to transmit the controversial nature of the human body (strong, yet vulnerable, insistent, yet flexible, etc) through still photographic images? 

— It’s been quite rightly said that dance is poetry through motion.

I’ve primarily worked with dancers in Saint Petersburg. Prior to the shootings I have a fair idea of what I will try to capture.  Dancers are so positive to work with! They immediately know what I’m trying to achieve and often come up with improvements. They focus on details and often we repeat a study over and over again before the dancer is satisfied. 

To me this is a rewarding learning process.

I am proud to announce that several selected art works by Sjur make part of our international Controforma Art & Design Space project. Currently, it’s possible to purchase limited prints (in case of their availability).

Stay tuned to know about upcoming exhibitions and discover other amazing pieces of Sjur Roald”s art on

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Sjur Roald | Controforma Art & Design Space | Giulia Kascina | 2021